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Rehabilitation Programs

The treatment programs that defendants are required to complete in drug court cases are prepared by the National Drug Agency. There are mainly two types of programs. They are in-house programs that are conducted in the treatment center and programs that are conducted in the community.

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Cases Under Jurisdiction

There are four types of cases heard by the Drug Court. These include drug use, drug peddling, criminal offenses while under the influence of drugs, and people serving sentences for drug offences. Each of these types requires special additional requirements for admission to the court.

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If you would like to clarify something regarding a drug court matter, please submit it through this site and we will try to clarify the matter as soon as possible. If the information provided on the site does not serve the desired purpose, you may call or go to court to clarify the matter.

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Submissions to the Drug Court are mainly made on the appropriate form. These include requesting permission to leave Male' before the indicative assessment report is completed, changing the treatment program, appointing an attorney, and requesting treatment at an overseas centre.

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About Drug Court

Drug Court is a superior court established under the Act number 17/2011 (Drug Act) to hear and dispose of criminal cases of drug dependent persons, and subject such persons to mandatory treatment and rehabilitation programs in order to reduce or eliminate their dependency on drugs and thus increasing their chances of reintegration into the community as responsible citizens.

Mainly four categories of offenders are eligible to drug court treatment programs. Those categories are, drug users, peddlers, drug dependent people whose drug dependency contributed to the commission of a criminal offence, (such as theft and robbery), people who are serving a criminal offence or multiple criminal offences. The above categories of people will be eligible if they have the qualifications stipulated for each category in section 35 of Drug Act.

Objective of Drug Court

To endeavour to reduce the level of drug dependency of eligible persons,

To endeavour to reduce the level of criminal activity associated with the drug dependency of eligible persons,

To find ways to reintegrate eligible persons into the community,

To grant legal and judicial recognition to the treatment mechanism, whilst interlinking the treatment mechanism with the general justice system.

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